About us

In the year 2004, few young leaders, and scouts who just have finished their boy scout program and waiting to join in a rover group expressed their interest to have a rover group formed by them so that they can continue their contribution to the movement together and move further with new activities of their own interest. For this interest of being attached to the movement and to move forward with it, 13th Hussars Open rover Scout Group was formed on 13th July 2004. It was a challenge for the beginners to establish an open group for rover scouting and gather more young peoples to join the group. The group is concentrated on recruiting both boys and girls with previous scouting experience or fresher.

The name of the group “13th Hussars” has been chosen from the historical cavalry regiment of the British Army in the 18th century. 13th Hussars was the cavalry regiment where Baden Powell started his military life as 2nd lieutenant. So, to start a rover group we thought this name would be an encouraging one for all of us, and also we have a feeling that whenever the name of the group has uttered the history of scouting would be remembered.